Watercolor Landscape

Join Leslie Calimeri, talented local artist and gallery owner, in this watercolor landscape workshop perfect for beginners.

Leslie will guide you through the steps to create a tree filled landscape as you learn the basic techniques of watercolor painting. Explore a number of mark-making techniques with different types of brushes, along with how to lift pigment, create sharp edges and make a variety of lines, how to create a wash, and capitalize on the transparent qualities of watercolor paint.

The workshop fee of $45 includes all artist-quality materials and tools required for the class, along with Leslie’s expert tuition.

Class Guide

  • Root

    Beginner level classes suitable for everyone.

  • Shoot

    Ready for a little more of a challenge?

    These classes build on skills from root level classes – but may still be suitable for those with little experience. Not sure if the class is for you, just ask us.

  • Bloom

    Get ready to REALLY grow your skills!

    Classes for students with experience. Our teaching artists will identify what skills you should already have. If you are unsure if a class is for you, please ask, we’d be happy to help you!