Boro embroidery for visible mending at the Crary Art Gallery

Crary Art Gallery 511 MARKET ST., Warren, PA

If you are interested in making your clothes last longer, and are intrigued by the current trends for visible mending, then the ancient Japanese tradition of Boro is a great place to begin. While historically, Boro grew out of necessity, preserving textiles and making them thicker and warmer, today it is part of a growing […]

Introduction to Sashiko Embroidery

Crary Art Gallery 511 MARKET ST., Warren, PA

The second workshop in our pop-up series at the Crary Art Gallery in Warren, PA Sashiko, meaning little stabs, is a centuries old Japanese stitching tradition. Originally used for practical purposes, to join together layers of thin or worn cloth, or to prevent wear on outer garments, today it is practiced for its beauty. This […]

Semamori embroidery – sewn blessings

Crary Art Gallery 511 MARKET ST., Warren, PA

This is the third workshop in our Japanese crafts series at the beautiful Crary Art Gallery In many ancient cultures decorative stitching was used to protect the wearer of a garment from evil. Semamori, literally translates from the Japanese as back protection, and was applied to the small kimono of children to protect them from […]

Ainu embroidery

Crary Art Gallery 511 MARKET ST., Warren, PA

The fourth workshop in our Japanese craft series pop-up at the beautiful Crary Art Gallery in Warren PA Ainu decorative needlework is associated with the indigenous people of northern Japan and parts of northeastern Russia. It is a mix of applique and embroidery techniques that creates striking graphic patterns on garments. Like many traditions, it grew first out […]

Blackout Pop-up at New Leaf Photography

New Leaf Photography 28 Chautauqua Ave, Lakewood, NY

Join me, Deb Eck, program director and resident teaching artist, at the lovely New Leaf Photography studios in Lakewood (right next to Ryder's Cup Coffee) and learn an affordable new way to unwind! During this informal workshop I will gently guide you through the relaxing art of blackout meditation. What is that? It's an art form […]

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Shibori dyed dinner napkins

Crary Art Gallery 511 MARKET ST., Warren, PA

Number 5 in the series of 6 Japanese craft inspired workshops at the beautiful Crary Art Gallery. Folded dyed textiles are found throughout the world. In Japan, these designs are executed in indigo. In this workshop we will experiment with some different folding techniques, along with some sewn, shaped Shibori designs. Each folded pattern will […]

Kumihimo braided bracelets

Crary Art Gallery 511 MARKET ST., Warren, PA

The final workshop in our Japanese inspired craft series at the beautiful Crary Gallery in Warren, PA. If you ever enjoyed making friendship bracelets, or doing boondoggle at camp, then you will love the elegant art of kumihimo braiding. This modern take on a traditional weaving skill allows you to manipulate up to 32 different […]

recycled desk organizer

James Prendergast Library 509 Cherry Street, Jamestown, NY

Pearl City Clay House is excited to announce a series of FREE community workshops at the Prendergast Library,  funded by the Murray L. Bob Educational Initiative. The last of these workshops, The recycled desk organizer, will take place on November 15th Join our resident paper artist, Deb, for this fun up-cycling project to create a vintage-inspired […]

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