Shibori Pop-up

ART Cloth + Craft in collaboration with Pearl City Clay House will be hosting a Shibori Dyeing Pop-Up!
Folded textiles are found throughout the world. In Japan, intricately folded or sewn textiles are dipped in Indigo.
Come try your hand at creating a Shibori T-shirt and experience the magic of watching the indigo dye oxidize from bright yellow/green to the deep beautiful blue. Not only is the process magic, but indigo fades beautifully over time, as your favorite blue jeans prove!
We will have white cotton shirt kits for children and adults ready with a dyeing station. Deb Eck with her guided expertise will help you choose from different Shibori folding techniques depending on the design you would like, then in it goes in the dye bath for a few seconds. Once it comes out it will go up briefly on a clothes line, then placed into a bag with care instructions on how to set the dye at home.
This is a fun and family friendly event to do while you are enjoying the Summer Block Party hosted by Reg Lenna Center for the Arts!
To reserve your Shibori T-Shirt kit in your preferred size, we recommend prepaying online by clicking on this link or stop in at ARTCloth + Craft to register.
Pre-ordering will end July 21st. We will also have a limited stock available for walk-ins.

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